Zynga Live Poker is the best iPhone poker app in the industry

Most people might remember Zynga as the company that took a gamble on farming with their smash hit Farmville, but did you know that before that they took an even bigger gamble on gambling? Zynga Poker  was the company’s first real success, and we’re not bluffing when we tell you that it still holds up wonderfully. In the face of fresh competition from games like Poker Rivals and Poker Palace, Zynga Poker is still the hand to beat.

The company, once the leader in casual play with titles such as FarmVille, is buying sports and other rights. It introduced NFL Showdown today and plans products with Tiger Woods and Looney Tunes. At the same time, Chief Executive Officer Don Mattrick is delaying some titles to the second half of 2014 and next year for additional work as Zynga transitions to more mobile play from online.

Zynga’s latest quarterly earnings report – its sales of $332.5 million missed the $343.1 million mark that Bloomberg had forecasted – sent the company’s stocks plummeting as low as $3.03 per share on Wednesday. At the end of today’s trading Zynga’s stock price sat at $3.17 per share, but has dropped even further in after-hours trading. During the earnings conference call, Zynga CEO, Mark Pincus blamed Zynga’s second quarter shortcomings on Facebook. Changes to Facebook’s algorithm apparently surfaces fewer games, thereby decreasing the frequency with which Facebook users discover Zynga games.

Zynga Live Poker is the best iPhone poker app in the industry, and interested players can download it from the app store. Players can connect to their MySpace and Facebook accounts through this app and play poker against real players. However, Zynga Live Poker is not a real money poker app, which means that players cannot win real money prizes; they can only enjoy the fun of playing poker on their iPhones. There are several variants of Zynga Live Poker; besides, players have the option of purchasing extra free chips and take part in poker tournaments.
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