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The latest version of Pokerist Texas Poker, which features Carmen Electra and launched today, takes gameplay to the next level. New features include 3D tables with real people and their avatars, two tables play, chat messages between an entire table, the ability for players to access up to 4 screens while playing, chat memory to help type future IM’s more quickly, the ability to view previous games, and the ability to send screen shots of players’ winning combination of cards to friends.

This update to Texas Poker also brings shoot-out tournaments to the table. And that's not all: Players can now see their previous games and send screen shots of their winning combinations of cards to their friends.

"We're committed to continuing to deliver the most authentic and exciting poker experience available," said Igor Churpin, Director, "The partnership with Carmen, along with our new gameplay features, further helps to differentiate Pokerist Texas Poker from the competition and showcase why it is one of the most popular Poker games in the world." Bringing a supermodel into the fold will probably help with that. Maybe.

Texas Poker features an attractive interface. Folding, checking, raising, and calling can be as easy as tapping your screen. The game also incorporates a chat room where players can easily interact with each other. Of course, like most free games, it offers you with an option to purchase virtual money that you can use to bet. If you play your cards right though, there’s really no need to actually spend any real money buying the “virtual” money/chips.

Playing the game is like playing one big poker convention anytime and anywhere. If you’ve never tried virtual poker before, then this is a great app to start with. It’s absolutely free so you won’t need to worry about paying for it. A word of caution though, it can be quite addictive!
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